Garden Quartz
Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz

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Garden quartz is (one of) the most magical stones in the world to me. It is in fact quartz which is usually a clear mineral, with mineral inclusions. It’s also known as included quartz or lodolite. The colors you see inside this stone that often resemble moss are actually little minerals that have formed inside of the quartz! I patina (darken) the metal below the stone so any of the clear quartz parts are darkened which really helps illuminate all the different colors and patterns of the minerals.

These stones are wrapped in fine silver on sterling silver sheet. Two hand formed sterling silver hoops move independently below the stone. These are beautiful, light-weight earrings you can wear all day long.

Drop length: 1.75 inches

Note: The left stone has what looks like a small black line on the left side of the stone - it's actually just naturally how the stone formed and isn't a fracture or defect :)

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