About the Jewelry

I make sterling silver jewelry highlighting unique and beautiful stones. Each piece is made by hand and one-of-a-kind. The intention and attention to detail that goes into each and every piece I make ensures you're investing in a piece of art you can (and want to!) wear everyday. I am committed to slow fashion, using only sustainably sourced metals and high-quality stones. By supporting my jewelry business you’re supporting me directly, I’m a one-woman show; designing, fabricating, stone-setting, stone and jewelry polishing, photographing, website management, etc. Your support in Earthly Aesthetics Jewelry directly impacts my family and I and allows me to keep this dream thriving. It means so much to me the connections I get to make through this art form. I’m so grateful to make jewelry that I love and have it met by others who love it too. 

About the Maker

My name's Meghan, I’m the lady behind Earthly Aesthetics. I’ve been metalsmithing ever since I took a beginners silversmithing class in 2015 but my journey in the jewelry world started when I started wire wrapping while I was in college. I’m from the east coast (Delaware/Philadelphia area) but now live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband, baby girl + kitten. Living in Utah has definitely shaped my style and vision for my jewelry - I pull a lot of my inspiration from the mountains surrounding me and all the subtle details I see in the outdoors. 

I love working with unique stones. Agates, jasper, native copper, I love it all. Stones are what kind of pushed me into metalsmithing because I would just collect all kinds of beautiful stones and had nothing to do with them. I have a lapidary setup in-house where I can cut, shape and polish the stones I use in my jewelry. I started cutting stones the same year I learned to make jewelry and it's something I am very passionate about. I also love rockhounding when I can - aka exploring all around Utah looking for all kinds of different stones. Some of the stones I use have been hand plucked from the earth by yours truly :)

When I'm not making jewelry I'm a full-time mama to our baby girl (born May 2023) and likely rock climbing or snuggling our cat Ricky! 

email: earthlyaestheticsjewelry@gmail.com